Strengthening Family-School Partnerships in Special Education
  • 6.30.17

About Us

NH Connections believes that family-school partnerships make the difference in special education. NH Connections is funded by the NH Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education to build the dual-capacity of families of children with disabilities and school staff to work together in partnership. NH Connections’ Facilitators have a wide variety of tools to support school staff and parents of children in their family-school partnership in special education initiatives.

Training & Resources

Check out our full-size calendar. NH Connections provides online training, downloadable publications for print and maintains a calendar that includes information about free workshops, activities and events held by local parent partnership groups and the Parent Information Center.

Parent Involvement Survey in Special Education

The Parent Involvement Survey in Special Education is sent out by the NH Department of Education (NH DOE) each spring to parents of children with disabilities (parents of children who have IEPs) to learn more about how school districts are involving families in their child’s special education. The survey provides important information to the NH Department of Education, families and school district staff so they can continue to build effective partnerships in special education. Changes were made to the way NH administers the Parent Involvement Survey in Special Education starting in 2015. NH now conducts a census survey over a two year period. You can find out more information about this change under the Parent Involvement Survey tab.

Partnerships in Action

What's Happening?