NH Connections: Strengthening Family - School Partnerships in Special Education

NH Connections supports school district personnel and families of children with disabilities build and strengthen family-school partnerships in special education. Additionally NH Connections supports the Department of Education in the statewide Parent Involvement Survey in Special Education

Partnerships in Action

Too often strengthening family-school partnerships is viewed as something additional we need to do when it is actually a natural part of what we do every day. Strengthening our partnerships with families of children with disabilities or school staff doesn’t take a great deal of extra work but rather a new perspective on our daily interactions with staff or families.  Parents and school staff have an equal opportunity and responsibility to work together to improve educational outcomes for all children, including those with disabilities. NH Connections recognizes that there is no “one size fits all” method for families and school to work together.

Look for existing Family School Partnership in Special Education Groups.

Parent Involvement Survey in Special Education

Check your mailbox! The 2013 – 2014 Parent Involvement in Special Education will be arriving by the week of April 1, 2014!  The Parent Involvement Survey in Special Education is sent out by the NH Department of Education (NH DOE) each spring to all parents of children with disabilities (parents of children who have IEPs) to learn more about how school districts are involving families in their child’s special education. This survey is done each year to meet a requirement as part of our State Performance Plan (SPP). More importantly, data from the survey provides key information to individual school districts to help them improve family-school partnerships in special education.

In this section you can learn more about the statewide results of the survey as well as view survey marketing material.

Training & Resources

NH Connections provides online training, downloadable publications for print and maintains a calendar that includes information about free workshops, activities and events held by local parent partnership groups and the Parent Information Center. Check out our full-size calendar.

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