SAU 20: Putting the Parent Involvement Survey into Action

When it came to the Parent Involvement Survey data Becky Hebert-Sweeny, the Special Services Co-Director of SAU 20 cautioned that she like the other Directors have very full schedules and not a great deal of time to devote to the survey data. So the question became: how do we use the survey data, how do we break it down into manageable pieces and how do we communicate with the staff?  Becky met with Marlene Marchand, the North Country Facilitator from NH Connections to develop a plan to meet their needs.

Marlene helped do some of the preliminary work of organizing and analyzing the data. Becky and Marlene then reviewed the results which led to the conclusion that two action plans were needed. Increasing the response rate was seen as a goal due to the small sample size. Also, a pattern was detected that parents were not feeling involved in the IEP process. A small sub-committee met in the spring and drafted two action plans. To increase the response rate phone calls to families from the case managers about the surveys and flyers were sent home. The second action plan detailed how to make families feel more involved in the special education process. To do this two seperate simple, six question strengths-based forms were developed to go home with the IEP meeting notice. (see initial sample form SAU 20 IEP Questions and Parent letter and additional form for parents of students 14 years and older SAU 20 IEP Questions 14 and older).

The committee set realistic, measurable goals that will be used to measure the success of their work including the completed return of the forms and parent confidence levels at IEP meetings. This can also be used to demonstrate what was accomplished to school board and administration.