Raymond’s Family Engagement Action Team

Raymond’s Family Engagement Action Team (FEAT) is a collaborative effort of the Raymond School District, families and the community. FEAT has accomplished a lot, including a comprehensive volunteer program with a dedicated coordinator. FEAT was an outgrowth of a need identified in 2008 Schools Strategic Planning and is organized by the superintendent. The team spent the entire first year studying the research and formulating a plan for the district, with the ultimate goal of family engagement and growing student success. FEAT has developed active, engaging joint activities. Over the last five years, FEAT has spearheaded some great, fun and effective programming that promotes family and community; they are always looking for ways to recognize and engage parent involvement. FEAT strives to include all students and families, recognizing that parents want their children to succeed and engagement happens in many ways. Every undertaking is designed for maximum participation and enjoyment. For a small town to pull this off each year is no small FEAT. This is a wonderful, involved group of parents, citizens, teachers, and administrators making this a true community enterprise. Click here to learn more about the group or to become involved.