Marguerite’s Place has a Leader in Family Engagement

When it comes to understanding and working with the whole family to help a child, Jammie is truly a special teacher. Observing Jammie in her classroom you can easily see how she pays attention to the individual characteristics and needs of each child and she extends this attention to parents as well. In her daily conversations she gets to know their wishes and fears for their child and she quickly becomes their advocate. Jammie e-mails her lesson plans out weekly and develops special communications tools for families as needed, including providing tips to parents for following up at home. In the year Jammie has been here she has used the early screening Ages and Stages (ASQ) evaluation tool with many families and was instrumental at enrolling children in the special education preschool program and evaluated by Early Intervention. Jammie speaks with families at length about evaluation results and the referral process. She encourages family decision-making around services and empowers families to advocate for their child instead of just doing it for them. She also provides extra support by attending meetings even when they are outside of her typical work hours. I have seen many parents come back empowered and excited about what they were able to accomplish for their child. Jammie is a natural at parent involvement and goes above and beyond our goals as a Strengthening Families Organization. She is a gem in the teaching field and we are blessed to have her on staff.