Lin-Wood Partners with Parents!

Nancy Bartlett, Special Education teacher at Lin-Wood High School and Lynn Murray, parent representative, have had a consistent and unwavering focus over the past year within the Lincoln-Woodstock Collaborative School District, to increase family engagement and parental involvement in post-secondary transitions for all students. They have worked together to bring New Hampshire state and regional agencies into the school for a “Transition Night” event that allowed families and students access to available transition services and planning strategies. These transition nights have been well attended by the Lin-Wood school community over the past two years and plans to further grow, improve, and streamline future presentations have already begun. Nancy and Lynn have partnered together by encouraging and inviting parents / families to collaborate with school personnel to be a part of decision making processes and system changes regarding post-secondary transition planning for individual students. Although they have had challenges, they have maintained a positive upbeat attitude and are dedicated to continue working together. Their commitment of collaboration sets an example of how parents and schools can partner effectively.