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NH Connections

NH Connections believes that family-school partnerships make the difference in special education. NH Connections is funded by the NH Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education to build the dual-capacity of families of children with disabilities and school staff to work together in partnership. NH Connections’ Facilitators have a wide variety of tools to support school staff and parents of children in their family-school partnership in special education initiatives. NH Connections can:

  • Facilitate the develop of an action plan for improving family-school partnerships in special education and on-going support for implementation
  • Provide resources, tools and best practice strategies for improving family-school partnerships in special education
  • Provide a variety of professional development training including:
    • Understanding and using data from the Parent Involvement Survey in Special Education (Indicator 8)
    • Parent Leadership Training
    • The Dual-Capacity Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships
    • Professional Development on Partnership Development

To contact our Project Coordinator or any of our Facilitators by email, please use our Contact Us form.

Project Director Facilitators
Jennifer Cunha
(603) 224-7005
Michele Watson
(603) 224-7005
Pamela Miller-Sallet
(603) 772-7848
Barbara Publicover
(603) 224-7005
Kimm Phillips
(603) 224-7005
Tracy Walbridge
(603) 224-7005
Maureen Shields
(603) 224-7005